A showcase of achievements for a worthy cause

SECTOR: Charity

With a high-care housing shortage in Australia young people with a disability are often left living in aged care facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centres, rather than in their own homes. Youngcare is a charity with a big dream: to empower young people with a disability to live life in the way they choose.

  • Website Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX-UI Strategy
  • Website Development

The Objective

Youngcare approached Winning Media to redesign and redevelop their website to help capture the attention of new supporters and young people in need of their assistance. Following on from the successful redesign and launch of their website, Winning Media then worked closely with the Youngcare team to create their first ever digital annual report. The report was a showcase of the hard work and achievements throughout the year.


What we did

The Website

The website needed to have a big visual impact as well as great usability for a diverse audience. The new design incorporated a much bolder approach to the Youngcare brand, incorporating social feeds, cross-promotion of news and events, editorial-style features, and design details which reinforce the youthfulness of the brand. The website is simple for the Youngcare team to update and manage, providing options for customising posts and pages. It also provides ease-of-use and a high level of usability to help Youngcare clients find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

The Report

The report needed to be simple for Youngcare to generate and edit in-house but also visually engaging. A flexible framework was needed to allow Youngcare to update their image and reuse the report for future projects. Winning Media designed and developed a solution which incorporated many of the design details and features from the new website, presenting news, events, and milestones in a bold and youthful way. This was to create symmetry throughout all aspects of the business and ensure brand messaging remains consistent. The report is easy to modify and update and can be managed internally by Youngcare’s marketing team.

Youngcare digital annual report

The Challenges

As Youngcare is a not-for-profit organisation, we needed to be sensitive of their budget without compromising on the outcome. We had to ensure a fast turnover of the website that functioned exactly how the client needed it to. For the report, we had to ensure that the team at Youngcare would easily be able to modify the framework for their future projects without any hassle and create a consistent theme and message for the brand across the website and report.

The Results

Overall, the result is an engaging report that Youngcare can be proud of. As well as a great way to showcase their achievements to their supporters, Youngcare now has a flexible framework that they can modify and update for future projects and reports. Our winning strategy delivered our client with the results they were asking for.

Youngcare digital annual report iPad

“Phil and the team and Winning Media are a pleasure to work with! They are extremely experienced and versed in the complicated world of web design, and more than willing to share their knowledge with us. Being a not-for-profit our budgets are slim, and our timelines are short, but Phil took on the challenge of our websites with eagerness and the haste we required. We feel so grateful for the generosity of the Winning Media team and the creative yet polished websites they produced for us. Thank you so much!”

Emma Lloyd, Marketing and Communications Manager.

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