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Waterlily is a suite of luxury spa and skincare products developed in Australia. Founded by Michelle Reeve, Waterlily’s products are made from a range of organic botanical extracts with health at the heart of each exquisite formulation.

  • Website Design
  • Brand Extension
  • Website Development
  • eCommerce

The Objective

To accompany the addition of a number of new product lines and its launch to the retail sector, Waterlily reached out to the team at Winning Media for a complete rebrand. The client needed an elegant rebranding to elevate their website and attract a range of potential customers.


What we did

The rebrand by Belinda Cabria Design represented a shift in focus from Waterlily’s existing wholesale market and luxury spa partnerships to an expanded appeal through its launch to retail consumers. Winning Media was commissioned to produce the website along with brand extension for web focusing on creating a beautifully branded ecommerce experience which reflected the style and elegance of the new brand.

Collaborating on the brand extension for the relaunch, Winning Media recognised the essential design elements needed to reflect the purity, luxury, and sensory experience that is core to the Waterlily brand. An extended colour palette, beautiful imagery, and mixed type styles were added to Waterlily’s existing brand to create a high-fashion, editorial look and feel for the interface. A flexible layout structure was formulated and built into the system, which allows the Waterlily team to easily cross-sell products throughout the site, update imagery, and modify styling to expose new and seasonal products.

Waterlily website design

The Results

The functional website will ensure that Waterlily can keep up with future growth and demand and efficiently undertake any site maintenance necessary. The website is simple to use and easily altered, so Waterlily can change it as they please. Our strategy has allowed them to stand out from their competitors and showcase their beautiful range of spa and skincare products for a large audience.

Waterlily blossoms banner
Waterlily mobile website design

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