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SECTOR: Professional

Property and Legal is a law firm with a difference. They undertake professional consulting services for both property and legal services in four key sectors: property and commercial, telecommunications, renewable energy & infrastructure, and retirement living. Their purpose is to address the need for specialised, expert advice that is commercially viable and practical.

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The Objective

Positioning themselves as a niche, highly specialised law practice, Property and Legal wanted to present a highly polished, contemporary offering to prospective clients.


What we did

Winning Media helped deliver the new brand for Property and Legal, including the logo, brand identity, stationary, and a redesigned website. The brand is professional and sophisticated, therefore we utilised geometric shapes, abstract landscape, and architectural imagery for the website to represent the equitable division of property and resources. This reinforces the specialist practice area offerings whilst appealing to a diverse target market.

The website offers a well-considered, high-level design and a purposeful user experience, allowing visitors to quickly navigate to specific content. Navigation was kept simple, and content remained concise to focus on the core messaging of the brand.

Property & Legal Business Card design

The Challenges

We needed to elevate their marketing position and communicate why they stand out from their competitors. This meant highlighting their services and offerings in a unique way and targeting the correct audience.

The Results

Our strategy for Property and Legal has allowed them to stand out from the crowd with their services and offerings. Their uniquely designed website highlights their highly polished, contemporary offering to prospective clients, allowing them to convert users into customers.

Property & Legal website
Property & Legal website

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