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Established in 2008, MATES is a charity on a mission to reduce the high level of suicide among construction, mining, and energy workers in Australia. They provide mental health and suicide prevention training to sites and support to workers and their families. In 2023, MATES have launched their first-ever MATES Big Lap – an awareness and fundraising event.

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The Objective

MATES approached us with their plan to create a nationwide campaign to promote mental health and suicide prevention awareness among the construction, mining, and energy workers while raising funds to support their mission. Winning Media were engaged to further develop a unique and engaging brand identity for the event that would attract both sponsors and participants from all over Australia.

Although they had the event name and logo, MATES needed a new campaign brand that was distinctive yet was still aligned with their brand identity. The main objective was to create a brand that would build hype and engagement to get enough participants to walk, run, cycle, wheel, or swim the equivalent of a big lap around Australia. MATES also wanted to raise awareness of the issues present in specific industries.


What we did

We started the process by meeting and workshopping with the client at different levels, including their marketing and executive teams. We analysed the brief and input from the client to understand their vision for the event. We then took the feedback and streamlined it into one consolidated vision that would appeal to the target market and sponsors. Our team designed on a deadline with limited timeframes, but with big expectations on quality. Within these timeframes, we delivered an expansion of the original brand that provided exciting visuals and met the multiple stakeholder requirements for design.

In addition to brand identity extension, we also produced multiple marketing assets. This included customisable Canva templates for social media and public use, a poster, a flyer, GoFundraise web page assets, and t-shirt designs for production. The design aimed to meet high-quality expectations for charity merchandise – not ‘throwaway’ items but ones that participants would be proud to wear during and after the event.


The Challenges

The challenge was to create a brand identity that would appeal to a wide range of stakeholders with unique perspectives, including sponsors, participants, the public, and their target audience, all while working within short timeframes and limited budgets. As there were many stakeholders involved in the process with differing opinions, wants, and needs about the best approach. We had to work closely with each stakeholder throughout the design process to ensure that their needs were met whilst still achieving the overall campaign objectives and staying within the budget. We also needed to ensure that the elements of the Big Lap brand identity were cohesive with MATES existing brand. The designs needed to be distinct enough to be unique but still clearly associated with MATES.

Before the event was even launched, MATES needed to attract high-value sponsors. This required a significant investment of time and resources into marketing and branding efforts to ensure that potential sponsors were aware of the campaign and saw its potential value. We therefore needed to create a brand that would appeal not only to participants, but also to potential sponsors.

The Results

MATES were thrilled with the results and received great feedback from the community. The event immediately attracted a number of high-value sponsors and all sponsorship requirements were filled well in advance of the event. We successfully created cohesion between MATES and the Big Lap brand through language (such as the tagline), colours, and design elements. The campaign has already seen huge success ahead of the opening date in May 2023, with a high number of participants and donations.


“Winning Media played an essential role in the success of our most recent event. Their hard work, dedication, and creativity resulted in a unique and engaging brand that not only reflects our values as an organisation, but also resonates with our audience. From our initial discussion to the final deliverables, Winning Media was attentive, responsive, and professional, and has exceeded our expectations. We now have a powerful and unique brand that we are proud to use for future events and campaigns.”

Lisa Sherlock, MATES in Construction


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