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Established in 1965, Kerwee is an Australian premium beef brand produced by Stockyard Beef. Although primarily exported to the United States, Kerwee is Australia’s most awarded range of grain fed Wagyu and Angus beef products and was the winner of the 2019 Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Excellence in Eating Quality Awards for Most Outstanding MSA Feedlot in Queensland.

With a commitment to quality spanning more than 55 years, Kerwee have embraced innovation to deliver Australia’s finest beef to the world. Today, Kerwee welcomes new market opportunities and an increasing demand for high-quality beef.

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The Objective

Producing high-quality beef to meet the demands of the world’s most discerning consumers, Kerwee needed a brand that resonated with their audience. Their key objective was to communicate the premium quality of their product to the US Market. This meant focusing our activities on a total brand refresh to truly stand out in the American beef market.

Our goal for Kerwee was to update their brand while remaining familiar to existing customer to ensure brand recognition and premium association remained strong.


What we did

We began by understanding our client and their target consumers. This involved undertaking extensive research into the US beef market and target demographics, which allowed us to gain an insight on consumer behaviours and preferences as well as industry trends.

Our next step was to review the elements of the existing Kerwee brand, including the design and logo. From here we re-addressed these elements and made necessary design changes to fully enhance the brand. Specifically, we created the exterior shape and ribbon device to aid with use across different styles of packaging and merchandise, allowing flexibility and room for extra copy and beef specifications.

We presented the client with ideas for merchandising concepts, offering potential new ways of extending the brand to help communicate in unique ways with a broader range of target consumers, such as chefs from top-rated US restaurants and hotels. These merchandising concepts would also help Kerwee to remain memorable, desirable, and premium.

Finally, we created several versions of the logo. Each version was created to suit different situations where a specific design was needed, such as to suit corporate or minimal presentation, when space is restricted, where only black and white ink options are available, for use on collateral, and of course to represent the various grades and quality of their beef products. This helped Kerwee to visualise the extent to which they can take their brand and identify new opportunities of marketing their refreshed brand identity.

Kerwee Boxes

The Challenges

Taking on a rebrand is necessary yet can be quite challenging, especially in a competitive, foreign sector. Kerwee needed to stand out in an industry where consumer preferences and trends varied from those of their parent company, Stockyard Beef. For this reason, we made sure that the perfect customer was prioritised at every level of our process.

The brand and advertising needed to connect directly with these customers, which included chefs, restaurateurs, and hoteliers. Likewise, for those existing, loyal customers, the brand refresh needed to appear updated and sophisticated whilst still looking like the familiar Kerwee brand they are already familiar with. This meant we had to incorporate the unique proposition, purpose, and values that Kerwee demonstrates through the new brand design.

Finally, it was crucial that we kept the design consistent across several elements to stay true to the quality of the beef. The different colours on the label and packaging represent different grades and quality of beef, so it was important to maintain that aspect of the design. We also wanted the final results to fit in well with other Stockyard Beef brands by reflecting the high-quality standards of both the MSA and Stockyard Beef.

The Results

Our inspired approach to a brand refresh for Kerwee has allowed them to connect with their target consumers through a well-considered, premium brand identity. The logo has been designed to represent the company’s heritage and dedication to providing high-quality beef products. The design is clear, bold, and easily scalable, drawing influence from classic typography to highlight the strong history and tradition of the Kerwee brand.

By resonating with their target consumers, Kerwee has been able to take their business of building the Kerwee brand the next level. Overall, Kerwee now has a refreshed brand aesthetic with well-defined concepts for communicating their brand to their target consumers, which can be seen throughout their social media platforms.

Kerwee T-shirt

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