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SECTOR: Professional

Introducing Holler Print, the newest player in the printing industry with a well establish history. Coming from the powerhouse CV Services Group, Holler Print has a clear mission – to be your top choice for printing solutions. With their innovative ideas and impressive skills, all they needed was a striking brand to create a powerful, lasting impression.

  • Design
  • Naming
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Brand Extension

Naming and Brand Design

Holler Print is taking a more personal approach to printing. With consumers in mind, they’re making it easier than ever to access printing services that don’t compromise on quality, value, and delivery. Understanding the story the client wanted to tell with their new brand and reflecting on their needs, wants, and expectations (plus lots of research and discovery sessions) led us to a unique and engaging brand name. A bright colour palette, bold typography, and an enthusiastic tone of voice seamlessly work together to make the brand feel fun and exciting.

Holler big gold & simple print solutions.

“Winning Media’s branding expertise and attention to detail resulted in a brand identity that perfectly captured the essence we were hoping to achieve with our new brand, Holler Print. The team’s professionalism and dedication to this project at every stage exceeded all expectations – from naming to handover. I walked out of every presentation feeling excited and confident in the approach. The result was an exceptional, high-quality brand identity and included a comprehensive brand guide that allows the team to maintain consistency as we grow the brand”.

Tegan Worrall, Marketing Manager, CV Services

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