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Eevi is an Australian owned and operated technology provider working to deliver personal medical alarm systems, helping to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors. Their team of technology specialists are leading providers to Australia’s largest senior living operators. Discreet, unobtrusive, and smart technology through medical alarms – that’s eevi.

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The Objective

The founders of eevi approached Winning Media with a brilliant idea and a puzzle: in an industry full of technology and telecommunications offerings which confused and frustrate senior customers, how do you prove you can offer solutions that will really work for them?


What we did

We started from the beginning, helping their team to name and brand their start-up. This began with meeting the client, formulating key problems and objectives, and discussing their needs. We worked to reframe the idea of technology and telecommunications in the retirement sector, focusing on personalised and straightforward services, as well as the benefits of having tailored technology in your home. We then identified the clients target demographics and gained a better understanding of their concerns and needs.

For the retirement industry, a product that is safe, trustworthy, good for you and, of course, exciting is something that will benefit those living in or moving into retirement. And so eevi was born. Eevi, meaning to breathe or live: she’s the friend who never minds your call, day or night. She’s the one who never fails to check-in to ask how you’re feeling. She watches over you without intruding, making you feel safe and in control of your life.

We established a solid brand framework following on from this and crafted a complete visual identity focusing on clear-cut graphics and the happiest colour around – yellow! The logo is an ode to white clouds, circuits, Zen, and connection. A custom cloud patter, bright colour palette, and strong photographic direction provide a bold statement with flexibility for the future.

eevi Stationery

The Challenges

We faced several challenges throughout our journey with eevi. From the beginning, the client wanted to overcome the issue of distrust of technology and technology providers in an industry that has proved to be unpredictable. We had to figure out how to create trust for both a new company as well as their unique product offering.

The Results

We helped launch eevi to where it is today and allowed the company to reach its full potential. Our brand concepts put the focus back on the customer by using typography and graphics to provide clear and simple statements: eevi is your reliable personal care assistant. Together with the client, we created a unique and impactful brand launch.

Say hello to eevi.

eevi website on iPad

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