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SECTOR: Health

How do you combine a highly specialised Obstetrics, Fertility and Gynaecology practice with high fashion? This was the challenge we were presented with when we were asked to redesign Dr Eva Kretowicz’s website.

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Dr Kretowicz was looking for a unique, specialised and personal aesthetic to stand out amongst her competitors and build a stronger brand around her practice’s offering. Eva wanted to blend her personality and interest in fashion and design to find common ground with her patients.

For this project we avoided a traditional approach to baby colours, instead opting for a more modern palette. A simple wordmark logo and dot-based graphic system was also created for Eva based around the idea of the journey of growth starting at a single point and developing over time.

Dr Eva Kretowicz Business Card design
Dr Eva Kretowicz - Mother and baby
Dr Eva Kretowicz website design

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