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Colonoscopy Clinic, formerly known as Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIE) and Brisbane Colonoscopy, opened 35 years ago at The Wesley Hospital as one of the first open-access endoscopy and colonoscopy services in Australia. Colonoscopy Clinic saves patients time and money, and provided a rapid path to care, enabling general practitioners to take better care of their patients. The company remains as strong as ever under the name Colonoscopy Clinic, continuously building upon their foundation and commitments to patients.

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The Objective

Colonoscopy Clinic required a brand refresh in order to elevate their existing brand and increase the uptake of patient call-back and follow-up appointments. They wanted to refocus the brand, changing their offering to primary colonoscopies and endoscopies. The practice’s vision was to create a Brisbane-wide, and possibly national, brand with strong recognition. To achieve this, they wanted an online platform where they could increase public knowledge and awareness around bowel screening and dispel myths about bowel cancer.


What we did

The key to a successful strategy was to first understand the key problems and issues and realise the client’s vision. We met with the Colonoscopy Clinic team to formulate objectives for the new brand and discuss their specific needs. Through a collaborative process that involved meetings, workshops and intensive sessions, we were able to formulate an approach that was patient-focused and understanding of the stigmas and fears that may exist.

The website is functional and accessible, allowing past and future patients to easily access any information they need. The imagery focused on the positives of a healthy life, rather than instilling fear and urgency to viewers. Again, to break the stigma behind bowel cancer, the content of the website is targeted to all demographics.

Using our experience working with medical practices and bringing in a patient understanding into the conversation, we were able to give Colonoscopy Clinic clear advice and strategies to successfully rebrand. Along the way, we consistently provided advice and support on various brand and advertising opportunities throughout the entire process.

Colonoscopy Clinic Website Screen

The Challenges

From an industry perspective, there is a general unwillingness and avoidance of bowel screening and the conversations surrounding that. We needed to approach this in a way that wasn’t ‘gross’, negative or inconvenient. Likewise, the general community does not always understand the risks of bowel cancer and are not seeking the information or services that the client is promoting. Internally, patients were not attending call-backs or follow-up appointments, which meant they needed a simple process for following up with patients. Colonoscopy Clinic needed a brand which could be scaled easily to accommodate for growth and new practices, as well as being upbeat, light-hearted, fun, and friendly, but still retained the seriousness of the issues they are supporting.

The Results

Colonoscopy Clinic launched a strong brand offering to substantiate their position within the medical industry. Their brand is made up of unique language and visuals crafted to suit, helping them to stand out in a competitive sector. Their brand identity is positive and focuses on understanding their patients’ needs and worries.

Colonoscopy Clinic Social Media

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