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Cellartags - wine rack

What we did

The Winning Media team collaborated to complete a full packaging development, from prototype to final production. We wanted to ensure that the design was simple yet eye-catching and fun to coincide with the tags purpose. Although remaining in line with the previous brand, the brand identity was updated to reflect a more current and versatile style.
Although the website was functioning smoothly, we crafted the details to ensure the content was relevant. A blog page was introduced, filled with tips, tricks, and wine knowledge, and the home page was refreshed with new product images and refined copy.
Additionally, we managed the social media channels of cellartags to build awareness of the product and excitement for the new range without implementing paid campaigns.

Cellartags Boxes

Cellartags Tag

The Challenges

To ensure there were no compromises on quality, it was crucial to make carefully considered updates to the packaging that would accommodate a larger pack size and account for the premium, matte, heavyweight tag. This needed to extend to the larger stockists’ cartons and accommodate a large number of products per box without compromising on quality. Overall, since the brand is not new and the product is niche, we needed to ensure that all redesigns would fit in with modern interior design to verify cellartags as industry leaders.

Cellartags Carton

Cellartags website

Cellartags Responsive website

The Results

The Winning Media team devised an organic social strategy that engages, educates, and converts leads into customers. Cellartags now has a new, refreshed look and feel. The quality of the design and packaging sets it apart from similar products in the wine accessory space.


increase in Instagram follower growth rate


increase in Instagram profile views


increase in website page views

Cellartags Mobile shop

Cellartags Lifestyle

“Cellartags are a useful means of keeping physical track of bottles stored in open-rack storage, and which can operate alongside electronic storage details. They are well-designed and functional”

– James Halliday

“Australian wine lovers have helped to develop the latest smart cellar system, cellartags – a simple effective way to locate, track, and record wine”

– WINESTATE Magazine

Cellartags Stack - Colours

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