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The team at Bionics Queensland are visionaries helping link people, science, and technologies to champion new bionic discoveries. Their acceleration of bionic innovations has significantly transformed the lives of adults and children.

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The Client.​

Founded by Dr Dimity Dornan AO, Bionics Queensland aims to create a world-class bionics research and innovation hub in the State of Queensland, connecting great ideas with great minds – Bionics Queensland is bringing scientists, researchers, healthcare consumers, clinicians and investors together to take bionic innovations to the next level. Areas of research undertaken by Bionics Queensland partners include bionic senses, prosthetics, robotics, neural interfaces, AI and more.

The Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 (delivered in partnership with Advance Queensland) was the first competition of its kind in Australia. Teams of contestants are challenged to come up with new ideas for innovative bionics projects that will change the lives of people living with disabilities.


The Objective

The Bionics Queensland team partnered with Winning Media to promote the business and their achievements, highlight the latest research, and encourage engagement for future events. The client also needed to acquire potential applicants for the Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 and create excitement for the event.

Colonoscopy Clinic Website Screen

What we did

Winning Media worked with the Bionics Queensland team to design, develop, and deliver collateral such as the 2019-2020 Prospectus, marketing material and event graphics for the official launch to dignitaries and key investors at Customs House in Brisbane.

Critical to the launch of their new marketing collateral was the delivery of a new website. The website was created in order to promote the businesses’ efforts and display key research and innovations. We collaborated closely with the client to develop a consistent message to display across all relevant channels and communicate the company’s uniqueness.

After delivering the main website, the Bionics Queensland team engaged Winning Media to create the logo and visual direction of the Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 event, as well as the design and development of a new website dedicated to the event.
The Challenge needed to appeal to a diverse target audience including students and universities, medical professionals, and members of regional communities throughout Queensland. Our aim was to deliver an aesthetic that was unique to the event but also connected to the existing brand. We also wanted to create an energetic look and feel that supported the high-level of excitement and innovation that this competition aims to generate.

The Challenge​

Bionics Queensland required two completely new websites in order to achieve the results they were after. They wanted to create an individual website for the challenge in order to highlight the importance of the event and create excitement amongst the community. This meant we needed to ensure that the messaging was consistent and aligned with the brand across both websites, however the event website needed to be unique to elevate the purpose of the site.

Bionics Queensland athlete

The Results

Bionics Queensland received two unique, sophisticated websites that aligned with the brand identity and created hype for the event. We devised a strategy for the brand that allowed them to promote current and future events, encourage Associate and Affiliate membership, and promote the latest research and innovations in the field of bionics.

Upon reporting and reflecting, we identified that merging the two websites would be beneficial for the client as it would mean less time and effort spent on website maintenance, low levels of user confusion, and it would ensure that users are visiting the main website, rather than just the event website. The Bionics Queensland team now have a single, high-level website that engages and informs users.


“Winning Media is an agency with a heart, a brain and a whole lot of creative genius. Phil and his team are key players in the Bionics Queensland journey, quickly and skilfully interpreting our vision and brand, building a highly engaging website and ‘stand-out’ marketing collateral that matches the energy and passion of our organisation. Winning Media’s front-end planning, attention to detail and dedication to deliver a first class result to inspire our audiences from Day One has been second to none!”

Dr Robyn Stokes, Director and CEO, Bionics Queensland.

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