Well-Crafted Content for Your Medical Practice



We’re sure that by now you’ve heard us talk about the importance of an effective digital strategy to grow your medical practice. We truly believe in the power of a strong online presence when it comes to reaching your patients. By communicating with your patients, you’re showing them your expertise and credibility within the medical industry, which is why writing compelling, persuasive content and copy (aka writing) is a crucial part of your strategy.

Thoughtful and accurate copy should be written for your social media, websites, blog, and advertising. Remember, not everyone is a medical expert, so it’s important to make sure that all information on your website and other platforms should be patient focused, user friendly, and readable. Patients will appreciate simple definitions of conditions and treatments and will be more likely to choose your practice thanks to your relatable approach.

Crafted Medical Content - Colonoscopy Clinic

Patient focused and user-friendly copy can help patients connect with your message

So, how do you craft effective copy for your medical practice? Here are some tips to elevate your medical copywriting skills.

  1. Consider how the tone of writing will resonate with your audience
  2. Understand your patients and their concerns (always keep the patient in mind)
  3. Do your research – your copy should always be accurate
  4. Don’t assume the patient has prior knowledge
  5. Carefully select relevant keywords that patients are search for
  6. Organise your writing – use subheadings when writing articles to break up the text and highlight important topics
  7. Include a clear call-to-action so the patient knows what they need to do next
  8. Stay positive! You don’t want to scare patients, but rather encourage them to reach out to you

If writing well-crafted medical copy seems like something you need help with, get in touch with us today.