Video Marketing for Medical Practices


Video for medical practices


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – personalisation is a guaranteed way to engage potential patients. Other than crafting content and copy for social media, another effective method of creating personalised content is through video marketing.


The value of video marketing is becoming increasingly clear. In fact, short form Instagram videos get 267% more likes than normal posts. Likewise, 86% of marketers state that video has been an effective tool for generating leads. In the medical industry, video marketing plays a role in educating and attracting both existing and new patients. It also has the power to establish a relationship built on trust as patients are able to meet specialists and staff and better recall relevant, educational information.

Videos can be used for both website content and as social media posts. Some of the most common types of video marketing for medical practices include:


Introduction videos

This is an opportunity to introduce your patients to practitioners, nurses, staff, and any other members of the practice. This type of video establishes authority and builds trust between practice and patient. Especially for new patients, it’s a chance for them to understand your values and minimise the fear of going to a new practice. Introduction videos can also include tours of the practice.

Educational Videos

These types of videos allow you to educate patients about the services your practice offers, as well as information on relevant conditions and treatments. For new patients, this is a way of discussing everything your practice has to offer and, again, establish authority. For current or past patients, educational videos are a great way of providing post-treatment details, support after surgery, general advice, and more.

FAQ Videos

A video of a practitioner answering frequently asked questions is another great way to inform and educate your patients. It will keep them on your page for longer, and also save your staff a lot of time if they don’t have to continually answer the same common questions.



Whilst these are only a handful of options, the potential for video marketing for medical practices is immense and, if it’s not something you’re currently doing, it may be just the thing you need to grow your practice. Whether it’s an informational video on treatments or conditions, a promotional video, or an FAQ video, this style of content builds a relationship between doctor and patients and keeps website visitors on your page for longer.

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