Although still frequently associated with dystopian science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is something you most likely interact with on a daily basis without even realising it. Believe it or not, artificial intelligence is a widely used tool within businesses, particularly for marketing purposes. Like it or not, AI is the future of content creation.


Simply put, artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and computer systems to complete activities that are normally performed by human intelligence. These activities generally include learning, decision-making, and problem-solving, and are used to support rather than replace humans. AI is a valuable tool in a business environment and can provide a major competitive advantage when implemented strategically. Not a lot of businesses have time to constantly develop compelling content, despite it being a crucial part of a marketing strategy. That’s why more companies are adopting the use of AI for content marketing and creation.


So, how exactly can AI help elevate content for your business?


Topic & Keyword Inspiration

Brainstorming new topics and fresh ideas for blog posts and other content can be difficult. AI tools can provide hundreds of possible topics, keywords and other elements that you can use when preparing social media posts, blog articles and more.


Enhance Copywriting

Content is key, but creating effective content takes time and skill. You may have some great ideas but may not have the confidence or time to write witty or informative long and short-form content. For most businesses, it is beneficial to provide users with information on their website in the form of blogs and news articles, as well as educational posts on social media platforms. AI tools have the ability to write product descriptions, refine your content, generate blog copy, create social media captions for all platforms, produce landing pages, assist in crafting the perfect text for ad campaigns, and much (MUCH) more.

How artificial intelligence can help enhance your business

Optimise SEO

By using AI-powered SEO, companies can gain visibility on search engines and is an efficient way to reveal new opportunities for increasing organic traffic. AI can analyse millions of pages written around certain topics and keywords at ultra-speed in order to locate content gaps that your business can fill with new content. Additionally, AI can be used to optimise content such as blog posts and website copy to further enhance your SEO.


Generate User & Customer Insights

According to Morris-Reade, AI can generate insights 1000x faster than human analysis. AI tools can predict what a customer is more likely to buy, provide customers with relevant information, customise user experiences, collect customer feedback, and identify growth rates and trends. This assists marketing managers with problem-solving in a more efficient way.

AI is having a significant impact on activities, making the impossible now possible. As the technology develops, more businesses will be using, and benefiting from, the capabilities of AI in a business and personal environment. Clearly, there are so many ways AI can benefit your business and will easily become the future of content creation.


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