Social Media for Medical Practices


Have you found yourself wondering if being on social media is worth all of the effort for your medical practice? The benefits of using social media are starting to speak for themselves as more medical practices are jumping on board. But why? Simply put, effective marketing has the power to connect you with the community and your patients, showing them that you’re reliable, accessible, and knowledgeable.

Social media and the internet are becoming popular tools for patients to seek out health related information, before speaking to their general practitioner or specialist. The information they find can impact their decision-making when it comes to overall health care. Although it may sound like a negative thing, patients’ social media use can actually aid medical practitioners. Providing patients with the advice, resources and information they are seeking allows for an honest conversation between the practice and potential patients, creating strong and trusting relationships.

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Patient updates on Social Media can help you share and connect with your community

So, how can you do this? Your social media pages should link to content on your website and serve as a platform for patients to access useful information, educate themselves on conditions and treatments, stay up to date on the latest health news, find and fill out relevant documents before consultations, and promote your services, personality, and philosophy. This is all executed through a well-considered digital strategy.

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Give patients an insight into your personality, services and practice philosophy with social media posts

Once you’ve established yourself as a leader within the healthcare industry through your online presence, you will be able to reach more patients, generate bookings, encourage referrals, and ultimately grow your practice.


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