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Specialist surgeon Dr Ian Martin and his team at Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery have been helping patients recapture their good health and enjoyment of life for over 20 years. They strive to provide their patients with relevant information, support and resources, as well as the best possible care to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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The Objective

With a continued focus on the benefits of weight loss surgery, Dr Martin asked Winning Media to deliver a bespoke solution for Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery. They needed a space to provide both past, current, and future patients with the information they need to make the right decision, provide support for during and after weight loss surgery, and create a community for everyone. They also needed a way of communicating to patients why their services and offerings stand out from their competitors.


What we did

We helped Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery craft their brand, designing a new logo and visual direction. The brand helps to reinforce the professional, supportive and caring nature of the team at Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery. It puts the focus back on the patient, with a calming approach to the colour scheme including modern graphics representing the weight loss journey.

A comprehensive website was designed and developed to provide visitors with as much information as possible to help with the lifestyle change that comes after weight loss surgery. Custom imagery, videos, and content were crafted to help retain and convert visitors. Additionally, pricing modules and complex booking forms were also created to help streamline communication between the Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery staff and their patients, making the process efficient and straightforward.

We have also helped the team at Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery to maintain and grow their social media presence. A collaborative content calendar was created, and we agreed on a total number of posts per week to be scheduled in advance over a monthly period. This allowed the client to use their online presence as a way of informing past and potential patients with necessary information and direct users to their website to increase traffic and generate leads.

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The Challenges

Brisbane Weight Loss did not have a strong online presence and were therefore not acquiring or converting website traffic. This is a crucial component for medical practices to help get patients through the door and encourage referrals. Brisbane Weight Loss needed a website that was simple and streamline so that potential patients could efficiently access the information that would ultimately make or break their decision.

The Results

Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery has quickly become the standard patients are looking for from their specialist. They now have a platform where they can communicate with their potential patients, support them along their journey, and provide them with everything they need to look after themselves before and after weight loss surgery. Our strategy has allowed them to create a personalised experience for users where they can get to know the team at the clinic, getting rid of any negative perspectives or worries some patients may feel. Brisbane Weight Loss surgery has also seen an increase in website conversions and more patients since the launch of the new website.

Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery - website mobile

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