Keep It Simple Stupid


Please don’t be offended, these four words actually form a simple usability principle that has been used in product design since the 1960’s.


Keep it simple


Keep It Simple Stupid, otherwise known as the KISS principle, focuses on the idea that if we can’t understand a product, we can’t use it properly, and that the widest possible audience needs to understand it to gain maximum market share.


“The definition of genius is taking the complicated and making it simple.” Albert Enstein


Keeping it simple sounds like it could be the path to a quick and easy solution, however this is rarely the case. Creating an appropriate solution to any problem takes time and the more complex the problem, the harder it can be to simplify.

Here’s a fantastic example of a complex problem that was solved in the simplest of ways, but it took a number of attempts and experts and years to finally arrive at the solution. In the 1990s, a US airport was receiving a large number of complaints about the amount of time that passengers had to wait to retrieve their bags from the baggage claim. After trying many things, an analysis of the airport’s layout showed that it only took an average of one minute for passengers to travel from the planes to the baggage claim, nowhere near enough time for the baggage handlers to unload the plane. The Solution? Move the baggage claim area further away. Passengers now had to walk an average 6 times further to retrieve their luggage, which reduced the amount of time they were waiting once they got there.

Presenting and promoting your business is unlikely to have such levels of complexity, however the principle remains the same.

Have you ever tried to write an elevator pitch for your business? Get to the essence of what you do in under a minute? It’s harder than you might think. But it’s a great exercise to attempt. If you can’t describe what you do in simple terms that others can understand, how can they relate to it and explain it to others?

Your website and digital marketing strategy are front and centre in telling your story. It’s critical to make it relevant and useful to other people’s lives – here are 4 considerations to get you started on the right path:

  1. Be consistent without being uniform or repetitive
  2. Should you be building a website or a digital service? Should you start with a digital strategy before you build your website?
  3. Have you reviewed all available data to justify your approach?
  4. Do the hard work to make it simple

Winning Media know how to simplify even the most complex projects, because to us it’s about usability first and foremost. We’d love to help you tell your story in a relevant, useful and meaningful way – so hereby invite you to simply get in touch.