How healthy is your website?


After the holiday season many of us re-evaluate our personal health and fitness goals, but how many of us do this for our businesses website?


Website Health Check


The start of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to evaluate and set new goals for your business – consider achievements and areas that need improvement and make a plan to get on track to achieving KPIs from the get-go.


As the public facing entry point to your business online, is your website fit for purpose and performing at optimum capacity?


When was the last time you googled your company rather than directly typing the url? How did it rank? Did you try it on your desktop computer, your mobile and your tablet? Did you get your friends or family to search for it and review it? Was it easy for them to find and navigate?

How long has it been since you determined your customer/user demographic? You really want to be careful that you haven’t pigeon-holed your user-base. It can be difficult to create mass appeal and different usability levels within the one site but it is something to consider and there are ways we can achieve this. Doesn’t it make more sense to broaden your appeal?

In 2016, Facebook launched multiple “reactions” for users, realising that the world was not black and white or “likeable” or not. It has the single biggest user-base in the world reaching billions of people every day – yet they found a way to broaden their appeal.


The internet does not come in a “one size fits all” for users, nor should your website.


Remember, your website is the most powerful business marketing tool you can have if managed well – how well are you looking after yours?