2016: A few of our favourite things


In 2016 we delivered many projects we are proud of. We continue to be both challenged and inspired by our clients and their goals. To us, they are innovators, experts in their fields, passionate facilitators, talented professionals and we tread carefully as trusted custodians of their brands and business objectives.


winning media 2016 in review


For Five Good Friends we took an idea and helped launch something new and exciting in the aged care sector in Queensland (and now across Australia!). To be entrusted with the launch of this unique service struck a chord with us all. It made us realise how suddenly we can be watching our parents grow older and transition to needing some form of assistance to do the very basic of tasks, and made us question how prepared we would be to navigate this situation. Five Good Friends empower the elder generation to remain at home but get the specific help they need. It is an innovative approach and an exciting offering to our ageing population. At it’s heart, it offers respect, love and choice.

Waterlily’s founder Michelle Reeve also inspired us with her vision and ambition in 2016. A local Brisbane-based entrepreneur with a very clear vision and knowledge of her organic cosmetics and skincare range entrusted us to deliver a website to showcase the new Waterlily brand and deliver its product range to a broader high-end audience. The real challenge was to get inside Michelle’s head, to see her products through her eyes, to help bring her vision to life. Working with wonderful product shots and elegant imagery which harnessed the “botanical” theme in its most luxurious form, it was very rewarding to deliver the perfect package for Michelle to globalise her product reach in a sophisticated market.

We also like to have a bit of fun in the Winning Media office and one of our other favourite projects in 2016 helped us reconnect with our inner-child. Think superhero, villain, kung-fu masters and robots…working with the State Library of Queensland to develop their annual Summer Reading Club themed events and website we knew it had to be cool, interactive, and highly engaging. We’ve been involved with this annual program for years now and rewardingly each year the program continues to grow participation numbers – it’s tremendously satisfying to help inspire kids to embrace this medium when so many alternatives are competing for their attention.

We have had the good fortune to work with some really passionate and gifted people across a variety of industries and it is exciting to celebrate these achievements. But we never lose sight of the fact that businesses of all kinds need to represent themselves online and it’s those that are unsure or uninspired that may need our help the most and actually challenge us to do our best work.

As we begin 2017, we celebrate a new year and new beginnings, new relationships and new rewards. Let us help you adapt, engage, think and feel. Let us help you tell your story, grow your online community and realise your goals. From a simple conversation, we can clear the clutter, get on your page, see your vision, understand your direction, and begin to create new pathways.


Let us help you tell your story in 2017.