Are your donors shopping around for a better experience?


In the charity world, the perception is that the bigger, better-known brands have plenty of donors, support and funding so don’t really need more.


Charity donors high five


The fact is if there is no personal connection to a charity – donors will shop around and what they are looking for is a good experience. Different things appeal to different people but there is common ground. Compelling content designed beautifully that inspires action and a great user experience across all devices are standouts.

Peer2Peer fundraising is a big bonus for charities when you consider an average fundraiser can raise about $700. However, remember a lot of this comes from donors who may never fundraise for that charity again as they have no personal connection to that cause themselves.

It is essential that charities establish connections with their own community of supporters, they maintain regular contact, thank donors and provide compelling online content to engage new supporters. By building digital strategy and fundraising around content, charities are better able to ensure consistency around key messages and access an infinite and organic acquisition channel.

Most supporters will decide if a charity is worthy of their support by the quality of their online content and user experience. Even the most compelling story is worthless if a user can’t access it or take the next step because the system is too slow or poorly designed. Statistics show that mobile is king and coupled with paypal, people are using it more and more for all sorts of online transactions – especially those made on impulse. It’s no longer good enough to have a great looking website if it is not responsive on multiple devices.

The more successful charities are focusing on good social strategy, engaging website content and mobile responsive donation options including regular giving as a solid approach to their digital strategy. How does your strategy weigh up?

Winning Media have delivered solutions we are really proud of including cutting-edge campaigns and website designs for charities such as Camp Quality, World Vision, RSPCA and The Cancer Council. We are passionate about the supporter journey and can work on both acquisition and retention strategies, content optimisation and digital marketing.


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