Augmented Reality – a brand experience

Augmented Reality delivers more

A custom-branded app using AR (Augmented Reality) technology allows your business to deliver user experiences that enhance engagement with your brand, products and services.


Creating interaction with consumers is the primary goal of any marketing strategy.

The possibilities are endless for businesses to take advantage of this new medium. Your cereal box, soft drink can, business card, item of furniture, billboard, even the “for sale” sign on your house, can become a TV that broadcasts your company’s private communication/advertising channel direct to your consumers – delivering instructions, nutritional information, recipes, education, or promotions in an interactive and fun way.

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App Features

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Your branding means users will easily recognise and trust your app content

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Campaign content created to achieve maximum user engagement

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You choose how you want to communicate with users

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Built for iOS and Android

Deploy your app quickly to Apple Store and Google Play

Engaging Augmented Experiences

  • Video – Launch promotional or educational videos
  • Enhanced product information – Provide interactive info about your product
  • 3D content – Create immersive 3D content
  • Audio – Engage with audio files
  • Competitions – Offer scratch based competitions
  • External links – Link to websites for additional content

See things differently

Brands will start to see the world differently, think of traditional print media (press ads and packaging) as a TV capable of delivering personalised experiences, educational content, special offers or even competitions to reward loyal customers.

Are you looking for a custom AR app solution?

Winning Media can help deliver augmented reality solutions. Backed by decades of brand, digital and marketing strategy experience, we are well positioned to partner with your business as you look towards enhanced consumer realities and new ways to generate business.

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